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By MICHAEL BRUNERT on 2017-10-12 20:49:46

I was born on 23rd December 1939. At age 3 years or thereabouts, I was badly burned in a domestic accident. I lived with my parents - Ernest and Lily Brunert at 47 Lowther Road, Prestwich - where the accident occurred . My dressing gown caught fire in my bedroom on an electric radiator. I had been left alone. I was taken to the Northern Hospital on Cheetham Hill Road, where I was an in-patient for about a year. The surgeon was brilliant. Who was he? He applied penicillin I believe - very early use of it on a civilian patient. I am now 77-years old - married with four children and ten grand ones! Completely full, successful and happy life. I would like to retrace this early history. Is this possible?

By Alison Oliver on 2017-10-06 12:02:24

I forgot to write in my earlier post that we had an interesting period in the school’s history when the whole school had to decamp and use St. Cyprian’s School in Ordsall because of the dangers of high alumina cement used in the building of the school.

By Alison Oliver on 2017-10-06 11:54:30

I attended Broughton High School for Girls as it transitioned into co-ed (1971-1976). We lost a great sixth form. Our headmistress was Miss Lawrence. When I first started, staff always wore their gowns and mortar boards for assembly. The images are memory provoking and remind me of many staff and friends. Miss Beattie and Miss Hind (art), Mrs Kunevicz (biology), Mr Jones (classics), Mrs Rogers (French), Miss King (P.E.).

By B fulham on 2017-10-05 23:28:30

I went to Cromwell girls secondary modern high school and I loved every minute there I left in 1968