Ordsall Community Arts is running a project to restore the ‘Ordsall Peacock’, a beautiful bronze sculpture made for Ordsall Secondary Modern school, Salford, in 1961. It was made by Gertrude Hermes, O.B.E., and we featured archive images of her work in the exhibition, featured in the photographs below. Once restored the Peacock will be permanently located in the grounds of Ordsall Hall.


Send Us Your Memories

Thousands of people remember the sculpture, which stood in front of the school and was a main meeting point and local landmark. We would like to tell the story of the Peacock’s journey – it was ‘lost’ in the 1990s and is now being returned. We would like future generations to be able to learn about its history. So if you have any memories of the Peacock or the school you would like to share, please add them to the Memory Book so that we can add them to the Peacock’s fascinating story.

You can see photographs of Ordsall Secondary Modern in our Salford Schools section.