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By Claire on 2022-01-15 20:05:11

Does anyone remember the name of the private girls school in Cheetham Hill? I was really young when it closed but I remember the lovely uniform they had. For some reason and could be completely wrong, Esmeralda comes to mind but can’t find anything online.

By Denise Beddows on 2021-11-23 07:43:25

Anyone recall 'the murder house', as locals referred to it, on Cheetham Hill Rd. It was just past the top of Heywood St., before you got to the Premier Cinema. As a small child, I used to walk with my mum up Heywood St to shop in 'the village' and, every time we passed that tall, red-bricked house, she would say 'that's the murder house', though she had no idea who'd been murdered there, nor when. I was astonished to see the murder feature in the BBC TV series 'Murder, Mystery & My Family' in March 2018. The programme persuaded me that the man executed for the crime, a homeless man named Burtoft, could not have killed the elderly Jewish lady, but they did not go on to investigate who might have committed this terrible crime back in 1933. I decided to do so myself and have identified a much more obvious suspect, someone with an especially bad character and an overwhelmingly strong motive - someone whom the police did not bother to interview at the time. I've written a book about this: 'The Cheetham Hill Murder'. Would love to know if anyone else recalls 'the murder house'?

By stafford on 2020-11-16 19:51:05

I was born the night of the Manchester Blitz 23rd December at Dennison House, Mum having been sheltering in the cellar of Grandma's pub,The British Queen. The Jewish hospital was nearby but it had been bombed the night of 22nd . It must have been horrific for her and the friend, Dr. Samuel, who drove them from Cheetham Hill to the other side of Manchester. Did anyone on this site have a similar experience?

By I Greenep on 2020-11-16 19:35:53

My Mother and Father owned the sweet shop and tobacconist shop just down from the ABC Cinema Mr Tison had a shoe shop on the corner of the block and Mr Lemon owned the grocery next door to our shop. There was a fur shop on the otherside of us They were there from1949-1957 until they moved to New Zealand. My father was a policeman in the Manchester Force during the was where they lived in Greensted Avenue. If anyone can remember any of this please write

By Lucette Tucker on 2020-09-26 20:34:03

This church is on the corner of Greenhill and Cheetham Hill Roads.

By luigi sciascia on 2020-06-06 13:58:40

We lived first on Perth St, Hightown then moved across Waterloo Rd to Brideoak St. We lived 3 doors down from Collegiate school in Brideoak St and my sister & I went there even though it was a fee-paying school. It was run by 2 sisters - the miss Whites. There was a small play park between Perth St & Waterloo Rd and after playing there we would go to the corner shop and buy jublies! Collegiate School is no longer but my dentist occupies the building. After Collegiate school we went to St Chad's school.

By Jason hewitt on 2020-05-09 19:46:52

Does anyone remember a furniture shop on great cheetham street west called ellisons also the other shops there in the 60s I'm searching it for my mam cheers

By Christopher Lowe on 2020-04-11 20:34:39

Well recollect the ice palace in the late fifties to early sixties. We lived in Oldham do the bus ride took quite some time! Went there several times in school hols or occasionally Friday evening, with my Mother and her friend, who had a daughter my age. We would rent skates (which weren’t very good) but we always went home laughing, usually wet and bruised with falling. Particularly recollect there being a theatre organ playing music, (think it might have been a Hammond organ) as the ice was cleared of kids etc for a few minutes once an hour for the competent adults to do skating dancing to the music. Lovely memories. Pity it closed.

By Paul on 2020-03-18 15:13:38

Born and raised in Ansdell st ( 1960's ). Went to St Annes R.C. School in Crumpsall then St Andrews R.C. on Tetllow Lane Salford ( 1973 - 1978 ) . Recall playing on the sand hill behind Shirley Rd and between the Northen Hospital . Normas Chippy off Halliwell Lane on Highfield St. Played cricket around the garages behind Shirley Rd petrol station . Hand a paper round working from Joes Newsagent across from the Stone masons on Cheetham Hill Rd. mam used to go to Edna's hairdresser on the same Rd . We had a few corner shops .I remember the off licences on Edmonds Rd and the Ukraine shop ( Peter ) at the corner of Cheetham Hill Rd opposite the cinema .

By Church on Greenhill Road, Cheetham Hill on 2020-02-25 17:10:22

Elsie Ewing has written in to ask if this photograph was on the corner of Greenhill Road? We have it described as the corner of Halliwell Lane and Cheetham Hill Road.

By Bev Naylor on 2019-11-17 22:43:28

Does anyone know of the address 26 craven street in hightown. And does it still exist? I'm researching my great grandad and this is the address of his widow on the war graves commission website...only it cites Eightown which I believe is a mistake.

By Harry Sinclair on 2019-06-09 06:43:20

One writer mentioned Brideoak St., I remember it well, when I was about twelve I was madly in love with a beautiful girl who lived in Brideoak St. We used to ride our bicycles together, her name was Marcia. My heart was broken when she married her boss at age 17! Fortunately at age 18 I met a girl in a million and we have just had our 65th wedding anniversery here in Australia wher we've been since 1964.

By Francis Quigley on 2018-11-14 17:30:44

My name is Francis Quigley I remember living at 134 Bellot Street some time after the war between 1947-1952. I was born on Manchester Road, Lower Ince Wigan in 1944. We lived at 134 Bellot Street, which is no longer shown on Google maps. I went to Waterloo Road Junior or Infants School. I vaguely remember having to get a school bus to go for our school dinners. I had double Pneumonia and was in hospital when I was about 5 years old, I presumed I went in Salford Royal. My step father worked at the biscuit factory in Crumpsall. I used to go to a shop at the back of our house for my mum I think it was called Weeners. I also remember a chinese shop which had a clock in the window with a sign saying 'no tick'. I would be grateful for any information available.

By Pat Ferguson on 2018-11-12 14:46:39

Earlier this year, I was appointed Heritage Coordinator for was formerly known St John the Evangelist Church on the corner of Bellott Street& Waterloo Road Cheetham Hill. The church is now called Faith Tabernacle. I know there is a rich history regarding the church, people, life and work in Cheetham Hill. Yesterday we held a Remembrance Day Service at the church. I have as special interest in the soldiers whose names are on the war memorial in the church grounds and also interested in those who fought in the wars. Today we had three groups of children from a local school to share with them some information about the church. I would love to hear from any remaining relatives about any of the men on the War Memorial. It is so important that people living in the Community now can connect with the area they live in. I am also looking for volunteers who have an interest in Cheetham Hill to share stories, share old pictures, we will scan them and let you have them back immediately. If you are interested or know any local historians who might be interested, please will you contact me on 0161 202 185. Many Thanks

By John WIndows on 2018-11-09 22:22:12

Goldstone Gardens: top of Waterloo Rd. Hightown

By John Windows on 2018-11-09 22:20:49

Goldstone Gardens: top of Waterloo Rd. Hightown

By Angela Diane Morgans on 2018-08-07 22:45:38

I went to Cheetham colliegate school, I remember the sisters Miss Whites. I seem to remember two classrooms on the ground floor and some upstairs,different ages. I also remember doing a Christmas panto wasn't on a proper stage. I also remember trying to walk home in the pea soupers, my mum made me wear a smog mask and by the time I had got home the white filter was black. We lived in the corner shop on Perth Street opposite the little play park, the shop sold everything from papers to veg later on it became a spar shop. The park had a parkie he watched over us from his little hut, which had a fire in there, where he made his cups of tea. Across the road on Perth street there were holes in the ground and bricks scattered where houses had once been, don't know whether it had been bombed but that was the rumour. I also walked in the Whit walks. Everyone on the street knew each other and looked out for you we had Catholics, Protestants, Jewish Polish and Italians a great community. My name was Diane Thorp.

By Sally Mott on 2018-08-06 14:05:47

I am glad I found this site, so many memories have been stirred. I lived in Perth Street in Hightown. I remember playing near Marshall Place and the park in Waterloo Road. I went to Colleagate school in Brideoak Street, until I was 7, and then moved to St Marks. I then went to the High School of Art in Strangeways.

By Lynda Ackroyd nee Jasper on 2018-06-19 15:20:50

What a wonderful site, stirring up all my wonderful, happy childhood. My name is Lynda Jasper, I was born on 9.9.51 My dad was called Thomas Jasper, he had 2 brothers Jack and Sidney and 2 sister Mary and Nina, My grandparents Dorothea and Meta Jasper lived at 24 Waterloo Road. My parents and I then moved to Thompson Street which was across the Road from Strangeways Prison. I went to Cheetwood Primary School I remember a girl called Diane Shelmerdine and another called Anita whose father who worked for the Police. I remember the Cricketers Pub on Bury Old Road, the newsagents next door where my dad used to buy me comics and Ladybird books. It was a delight for me to choose a different book each time, I loved to read. Does anyone remember the sweet shop at the bottom of Waterloo Road called Mrs Pollitts, memories of delicious ice cream and juicy 1p lollies, also the bakers which was across the road from my grandparents, I remember waking up to the smells of the freshly baked bread and cakes. Going up Derby Street and looking through the window where all the milk bottles went round and round, the smell was awful, ha ha. Playing in the street with my marbles, whip and top and on hot summer days getting a stick and popping the tar bubbles that appeared on the cobbled road. Wearing my lovely cinderella slippers clippity clop on the pavements. The 26 bus from Cannon Street to Blackley.

By Alison Harris on 2018-06-04 21:25:51

Does anybody remember Harry Ying Louie who had a Chinese laundry on Cheetham Hill Road? This would be in the 1930s / 1940s. I’d love to hear from anyone who remembers him.

By Steven on 2018-06-01 12:33:29

The photos were taken at the opening of the Cheetham Hebrew Congregation. It was situated between the Heywood Street-Cheetham Hill junction and the Premier Cinema. It existed on this site from 1958-2000, by which time there were virtually no congregants left living in this area.

By Les Willis on 2018-04-17 14:04:41

I used to go in the Greenhill Temperance Snooker Hall in Cheetham Hill. People used to drink orange juice, Coke and Fanta. A lot of people smoked then, such as bus drivers, dock workers and post office people. I also knew the Ukraine Club. I remember Lower Broughton and 'Swallow Raincoats' on Trafalgar Street, where they made the best raincoats in the business. They'd have it ready in three days. 'Stone Dry' was on Broughton Lane, which also made raincoats and 'Style Proof Fashions', also on Trafalgar Street. They made expensive coats with fur collars. Also Abe Sachs on Lower Broughton Rd, who had a Rolls Royce outside his shop and was a bespoke tailor. Les Willis, Salford

By Joseph (Joe) Dawson on 2018-04-10 00:02:04

Hi Jackie, Yes, I do remember the Roberts at 17 Vernon Street, Hightown. My younger sister Denise does too and I think my other sister Alicia knew the family well especially when she was rose queen at St Johns on Waterloo Road. Mr Price was the vicar and his son Arthur a friend of mine. Sadly, Alicia passed away last year so a link with the past has been lost. I was brought up by my gran who lived on Marshall Place. There is a photo in an album of Lisa as she liked to be called taken in a house on Vernon Street sat at a dressing table in her Rose Queen dress and I wonder if that was your house? Alicia was great friends at the time with a lady on Vernon Street called LaLa. Sorry for the late reply, I only found the site again today 09/04/2018. All my best, Joe

By Harry Sinclair..was Schneiderman on 2018-03-18 06:56:05

I am now 84 years old and grew up in #15 Crummuck St Hightown. At the top of the street was Heywood St. and at the bottom was Herbert St. to the right of which was a stable, a ladies hairdresser, Classics sweet shop and a cobblers. I also remember most of the places mentioned in the above posts. A few houses down from ours lived the Tynas's, Manny was a close friend and now lives here in Western Australia about an hour's drive from us. I left home in Crummuck St. when I got married in 1954 and moved to Australia in 1964.

By Lynda Kaufman on 2018-03-16 11:34:07

My family and I lived on Elizabeth Street, not far from The Jewish Hospital. My memories were of rag & bone men, ice cream vans and friendly neighbours. Yes, it was a very poor area, although my father had an upholstery shop on Waterloo Road. The milk was always delivered, the coal man delivered regularly. We used to go to tea shops and buy half a pound of butter and cheese.

By Michael Melnyczuk on 2018-03-09 19:17:18

I lived in Peter Street then moved to Cluny St. I lived there until 1968 when we moved to Prestwich. I remember going down to Murray clinic for vaccinations and to pick up orange juice, remember the Rialto, later Frank Wong's chippy, the picture house around there..

By Dennis Chapman on 2018-03-08 14:48:27

I lived in Thomas Street from 1947 to 1961. I was 4 years old when we moved up from Lower Broughton. Thomas Street ran up the side of Woolworths and across Cheetham Hill Road. It wasn't a long street but along the length we had a primary school (Cheetham Hill Methodist) and a cinema (The Globe but known as 'The Bug Hut'). There used to be a roller skating rink but it was always closed. There was also a graveyard where we would play. My wife says I have to finish now!!

By Paul Kelly on 2018-02-26 12:15:15

Interesting picture of the Bata Shoes shop on Cheetham Hill Road. Mr Bata and his family lived in a large house on Palatine Road, Didsbury. It is now a mental healthcare live-in hospital called Jigsaw. Click here to see the photo of Bata Shoes

By Mary Curran on 2018-02-26 12:08:26

I went to St Philip's RC Primary school in Kersal and Notre Dame in Cheetham Hill (corner of Bignor Street and Heywood Road), so have lots of memories of Cheetham Hill. My mum got her hair done at Joel's on Cheetham Hill Road and she taught at St Andrew's RC Secondary Modern on Leicester Road. My sister and I used to go ice skating in Derby Street on Saturday mornings. When I hear the song 'Can't Buy Me Love', it takes me back there. There were group skating lessons and we learned to dance the Polka on ice! There were lots of Polish and Italian children at school, as well as Irish.

By Margaret Wongsam on 2018-02-12 11:55:25

I met my husband at Derby Street Ice Palace in 1967 - we're still going strong! I also remember having my portrait done sitting on a wrought iron box. This went up in the photographer's window for a while. I also remember Kenton's supermarket and I went to school at St Mark's on Heath Street. Happy days! I lived at 14 Greenhill Road, Cheetham Hill from 1959 to 1976.

By Bob Peel on 2018-02-12 11:44:55

The manager of Derby Street Ice Palace lived in Ansell Street, off Cheetham Hill Road in the 1950s. I also remember the Premier Cinema and the billiard hall in Cheetham Hill. You could get a copy of the Manchester Free Gazette from Cheetham Hill as they printed it there. I also remember Newhulme Street, off Halliwell Lane and the paper shop and the fish and chip shop there. I also remember Bent Lane, where there was a small fruit shop. Kenton's supermarket was also on Halliwell Lane. I lived at 7 Greenland Street, Cheetham Hill from 1955 to 1973, when the street was demolished.

By jackie roberts bland on 2018-02-10 15:59:43

hiya Joe, I was wondering do you remember the Roberts family from 17 Veron st? Eddie, Terry, Syd Hazel and Jackie.

By Len Brower on 2018-02-05 14:28:06

I worked at Bookbinder's bakery, 383 Cheetham Hill Road, from 1964 to 1966. I was an apprentice baker. They had about six shops in total. The founder of the business was called Frank Bookbinder and the original bakery was at the same address, before production moved to the Woodlands Road area of Cheetham Hill. The man on the right of the photograph is called Charlie Bookbinder and he was the father of the famous singer Elkie Brooks. The bakery eventually closed around 1970. Click here to see the photo of Bookbinder's bakery.

By Carol St Amour on 2018-01-13 12:33:09

Used to go on Saturday mornings with my mum. Had to set off early on the bus from Oldham. Was the highlight of my week and so sad when it closed. I now live in Canada and my ice skating skills are still with me.. lots of ice in the winter!

By Paul Moore on 2018-01-11 13:37:49

I remember the Richardsons, their son Billy was one of my mates. We both went to north Salford boy's after they pulled everywhere down. Billy lived bottom end Thomas St I lived top end next to the school. Sadly Billy's not with us now but he was always a joker in the pack. Remember splitting the back of my head open on his doorstep when I slipped. Told Billy don't tell me mam who had just walked past to go to Madeleys shop. What did Billy do? yep told my mam - off to Northern hospital for 8 stitches in the back of my head.

By Paul moore on 2018-01-07 22:34:19

Yes I remember the chicken slaughter house - horrible place. Remember passing one day just as a lorry was pulling up there with hundreds of live chickens on the back. Loads of eggs had been laid and the driver gave me and my mate Ricky an egg each. Ran all the way home egg in hand I also lived 28 Thomas st. Couldn't wait to eat that egg. Got home following day from school looking forward to my egg only to find my gran had eaten during the day. I was gutted. I was only about 6 never missed an egg so much.

By Paul moore on 2018-01-07 00:44:18

Still see Tony and Phil Beeston both doing great. Strange we all became window cleaners Tony still window cleaning like myself. Phil still doing a Bit now and then. lot of us from Cheetham Hill from 60s still see each other also don't know if you remember their cousin Bob Harrington, also would you believe a window cleaner works with Tony 1.2 times a week. Also Dennis Massey lived in Cheetham Hill. All still see each other.

By Violet Tyson Schofield on 2017-12-27 15:26:03

Hi Brenda.. we lived at 89 Bignor Street I also went to Cheetham Collegiate school ( two headmistresses Miss Whites) Pat Cunliffe lived few doors down from us do you remember her? I was at school there until 11 when I went to North Salford Girls School on Leicester Road. I remember all those shops and the library and I played with Tobias granddaughter just can’t place the name?? Our house was almost opposite the bakery and we had many a hot loaf from them.... my Brother was Danny Tyson ( a handsome devil with a motorbike when 17) he went from Temple School to William Hulmes... what superb memories we all have xxx

By Rosaleen Kinney on 2017-12-27 00:44:54

I spent every spare moment at the Manchester Ice Palace - best place on earth. Delightful, carefree days.

By craig on 2017-11-29 17:19:54

Forgot to mention it was on Cheetham Hill Rd on the block before the glass shop.

By craig on 2017-11-29 17:12:54

Does anybody remember the pet shop and fishing tackle shop called Letty Cremners?

By craig on 2017-11-29 16:54:27

My aunty and uncle lived on William Street - the Griffiths

By craig on 2017-11-29 16:52:38

I also went to the same schools and remember Miss Tress, very good teacher.

By craig on 2017-11-29 16:51:07

Frank Beeston was a big man and used to go fishing on Broughton Park lake. He had a tank in the back garden with fish in it.

By Mrs E Myers on 2017-11-29 16:30:07

I went to Thomas Street school, I was born in 1952 and lived my early years in Camp Street before moving to 49 Thomas Street Cheetham Hill. I remember going to this school before going on to North Salford Girls School on Leicester Road in about 1963/64. My maiden name was McNeil, many a happy time was spent playing in St Marks church yard, and does anybody remember the chicken place on St Marks lane near Cheetham Hill Road, we used to get the chicken feet to scare each other. I worked at Woolworths at the top of Thomas Street after leaving school. I also remembered Redmans and the Jewish bakery where we used to buy lovely warm begels on a Sunday, I also remember Madleys and Roy’s shop on Coke Street. Our neighbours opposite were Mr &Mrs Richardson, next door were the Dougans, up the Road lived a big family called the Welsbys. I can’t remember all the names we had some happy times and some awful times but I think it’s all part of growing up.

By Ice Palace, Derby Street, Cheetham Hill on 2017-11-27 21:30:21

This brings back marvellous memories of my childhood, loving local to the Ice palace and going to cheetwood primary school and made class visits regularly to the ice palace to learn how to ice skate and nearly 50 years on I can still ice skate today. Philip Hardman

By Ice Palace, Derby Street, Cheetham Hill on 2017-11-27 21:28:03

I remember going there Saturday mornings, often with my cousin. It was called the Silver Blades, I think, back then. I think I was about 7 years old when I started going, in 1959. My Mum used to take me on 2 buses, from Moss Side, where I lived. As I got a bit older, I used to go with my cousin. I spent most of my time outside school wearing roller skates, but always loved ice skating. I never had my own boots, just wore the ones that you could hire at the rink. People didn’t have much money in those days, and the boots were expensive. We moved to Brooklands near Sale when I was 10, and so it was too far for me to travel to. I started going to Altrincham Ice rink then. Elaine Savage

By bernie cohen on 2017-11-24 19:15:54

My father's two sisters lived in Bignor Street in the forties, also my father's sister-in-law had a sweet shop, I think it was called Sophie's. My aunt was the recuzans not spent correctly.

By Robin downs on 2017-11-22 16:29:51

Just noticed your blog. I lived near liberal club Seymour Road from end of 1949 to 1966. I married Mike Downs, who is related to the Beestons - lost touch with them now.

By Elaine Savage on 2017-11-20 15:40:54

I remember going there Saturday mornings, often with my cousin. It was called the Silver Blades, I think, back then. I think I was about 7 years old when I started going, in 1959. My Mum used to take me on 2 buses, from Moss Side, where I lived. As I got a bit older, I used to go with my cousin. I spent most of my time outside school wearing roller skates, but always loved ice skating. I never had my own boots, just wore the ones that you could hire at the rink. People didn't have much money in those days, and the boots were expensive. We moved to Brooklands near Sale when I was 10, and so it was too far for me to travel to. I started going to Altrincham Ice rink then.

By Philip Hardman on 2017-11-20 10:17:23

This brings back marvellous memories of my childhood, loving local to the Ice palace and going to cheetwood primary school and made class visits regularly to the ice palace to learn how to ice skate and nearly 50 years on I can still ice skate today.

By Ice Palace, Cheetham Hill on 2017-11-14 16:50:08

I remember seeing Georgie Fame and the Blue Notes play at the former Ice Palace in Derby Street, Cheetham Hill in the 196os Val

By Steve Narloch on 2017-11-11 06:21:20

I used to live in Cheetham Hill, I lived at 61 Shirley Road, born in the house in 1962, lived there up to 1988 up to when my father died. He was Polish self employed builder John Walter Narloch, always had a sign in our front living room window advertising his business. Those were good days never had that family feeling anywhere else I have lived since. I went to King Davids School & left in 1979. Many happy days. The Woolworths was a major store on the high street, there were many shops, I remember the new shopping centre being built at the side of Woolworths it looked very modern big supermarkets cafes felt a world apart. We used to shop at a supermarket called Lennons I think every Saturday. Anyone out there lived on Shirley Road? Regards, Steve Narloch

By Janice Firestone on 2017-11-06 13:53:30

Our shop was next door to Bookbinders Bakery at 400 Cheetham Hill Rd. Elaine Bookbinder used to call in for sweets on her return from school, later became Elkie Brooks.

By Richard Casson on 2017-11-03 10:59:04

Friday 3 Nov 2017 Was your mother Mrs Bear. I remember her well. She had a strong accent. I went every day from Thomas Street school in the 1950s - we used to get dinner tickets. I was a big favourite of hers.They used to fry up the previous days mashed potatoes and she made sure I got the decicious roasted bits at the bottom of the pot. I think Mrs Bear went to live in Israel and my brother who lives in Israrel visited her shortly before she passed away.Fond memories.

By Sylvia Saltman on 2017-11-02 17:20:09

Hello Faradeeba, What a blast from the past. You lived a few doors down from me in Teneriffe St. I remember you & your Sister was she called Aisha? I'm Sylvia Humphries (then). You may remember the rest of the family Audrey, Herb, Ann & Gerald. I remember Audrey & I helping your Mum 'looking after you' when you were very young. We left there in 1975 when the houses were compulsory purchased.

By Paul moore on 2017-10-19 22:17:17

Hi Diane. I remember playing in that park in the 60s with my cousins who lived on Halliwell Lane also the Moore family. Charlie was one of my dad's brothers, his wife my aunty was called Hilda. Some of the children my cousin's were Trevor Charlie Shirley Jenny. It was a really well kept park in them days, would have picnics also in Broughton park. Couldn't have picnic in there now you'd be sharing your buttys with 20,000 pigeons!

By Paul moore on 2017-10-19 21:09:33

I used to live in Thomas St, Cheetham Hill. Our house was built on to the school. We were the Moore family. My gran lived with us, Mrs Nixon. I went to Thomas St and then Brentnall after Thomas St closed. We moved to Rainsough, Prestwich but remember my days in Thomas St. I remember Madeleys on Coke St and Roy's next door, Woolworths on Cheetham Hill Rd, Mac fisheries opposite Watts paper shop. Thomas St school teachers were Miss Ridgeard, Miss Tress and Mrs Fisher - great days. I remember Baxters on William st. My aunty and uncle lived on William St - the Deans. The Beestons lived next door to them.

By Diane Kosandiak on 2017-10-16 13:15:57

The British Legion Club on Waterloo Road adjacent to Goldstone Gardens near Halliwell Lane. The club is long gone but the gardens remain although in much reduced circumstances. See photo here

By Diane Kosandiak on 2017-10-16 12:51:36

This row of shops is on Halliwell Lane opposite Goldstone Gardens. It used to be a special treat to have a burger and chips at the Progress Cafe. Kentons supermarket was on the same side a little further down Halliwell Lane and I remember a disabled old man used to sit on Kentons steps close to his blue invalid car. See photo here

By Rick Wallwork on 2017-10-12 10:56:32

Hi Lynn, I lived in Garnett St from 1941 until 1960 and knew Charlotte St. very well. In fact one of the Olivers sons now lives in Spain I was in contact with him sometime ago. Did you go to Garnett St or Marlborough Rd. School. ? Best Wishes Rick Wallwork

By Paula King on 2017-10-06 15:49:12

I was born in 1955 and lived at number 5 Derby Street, Cheetham Hill. The house our family lived in was slum clearance but we lived there for 7 years before moving to a new council house in Stockport. I attended a school on Waterloo Road until we moved. I have many happy memories of living in Cheetham Hill and have photographs taken in Derby Street with my sisters and also of The Queens Arms Pub on Honey Street.

By CHEETHAM HILL 1950s on 2017-09-27 12:09:17

I lived in Ollier Street from 1943 until 1956. Does anyone remember some of the shops in the area? On Highfield Street there was a pawnbrokers on the corner; a builders yard; a dispensing chemist; the Co-op Dairy (I still remember my mum's divi number); Maguire's drapery shop; Firth's fish and chip shop; the Co-op grocery store. At the top of Highfield Street was a newsagents' shop, and at the bottom on the corner was Gaffney's hardware shop to where people carried their glass accumulators containing sulphuric acid (this was a source of power, like a battery) to work their wireless which had to be re-charged (no elf 'n' safety then!). Opposite Highfield Street, on Halliwell Lane at the corner of Greenland Street was Mawdsley's greengrocers and wet fish shop; Milligan's cake shop was at the corner of Ollier Street; and "Fred's" grocer's shop was across the road. On Oakhill Street at the corner of Greenland Street was Kissack's sweet shop; on the other side at the corner of Alington Street was Malone's grocery and sweet shop (I went in there to buy sweets for the first time after sweets came off ration and we didn't have to produce our coupons); further up near Narbuth Street was another sweet shop. There was a bakery on Halliwell Lane near to Greenland Street and Oakhill Street; there was a spiritualist chapel "the tin chapel" on Halliwell Lane/Greenland Street; opposite at the corner of Marlborough Road was a tiny cobbler's who used to have shoes stacked up very high - how he ever sorted them out I don't know; nearby was the only telephone box which usually had a queue outside because nobody had a telephone. At the top of Heath Street, round the corner on Cheetham Hill Road was what I can only describe as a temperance bar called Lorenzini's where we used to get penny glasses of Sarsaparilla or hot Vimto. On the opposite corner was another ice cream parlour - does anyone remember its name? There was a row of shops on Halliwell Lane between the Shakespeare cinema and Cheetham Hill Road - a hairdresser's; Yaffe's photographic studio and a bank on the corner. There always seemed to be a policeman on point duty at this junction. Does anyone remember the very disabled man who used to sit in all weathers on the kerb between the Shakespeare and the row of shops (opposite the bomb site) playing an accordion for coppers? He was a lovely man - I don't know whether he'd been disabled during the First World War. On Cheetham Hill Road was a row of shops near to the bus stop. Ash's wood yard was also nearby. There was also a Presbyterian Church, Sunday School and Billiard hall, then the Greenhill Cinema. The Premier cinema was opposite, with a further row of shops before Waterloo Road, which included a sweet shop (? Greeneps), a furriers, and an undertaker's. Does anyone remember the huge open topped concrete "box" on the spare land between Waterloo Road and Halliwell Lane? I believe it was something to do with water storage during the war, but it was so high you couldn't see inside it. Val M.

By Memories of Cheetham Hill on 2017-09-08 21:45:11

I lived on Bignor Street from 1941 to 1958. I went to Collegiate School on Brideoak Steet and used to come home for dinner through Bellott Street Park. I remember Classicks Sweet and Cigarette shop on Herbert Steet. I remember George Masons Grocer Shop on Waterloo Road and Bachmans restaurant and Leventons sweet shop, Sirottos the chemist and Klass Greengrocers and Issy Reece's butchers and of course the Titanic Deli. Tobias bakery on the corner of Bignor Street sold bagels and the unbleached bread that we ate during the war. Heywood Street library supplied all my reading needs from the age of 5 and if I went missing the family knew to telephone there (we were the first family in the street to have a telephone installed in the house). The buses running on Waterloo Road at that time were the numbers 81, 78, and The 26. The Jewish Hospital was on Elizabeth Street and many an hour was spent in the outpatients there with scrapes and cuts. My husbands father had a raincoat factory next the Boots chemist for 20 years from 1945 to 1965. I had friends who lived in the prefabs in Heaton Park. I have many more memories, too many to write about here but would reading anything from anybody who lived locally during that time Brenda

By Angela fisher on 2017-08-25 20:00:16

I lived in Charlotte Street. In 1962 they were demolished and I went to live in the flats on Silk Street

By Hutch on 2017-08-19 12:26:57

I lived in Hightown, Sycamore St and I also remember Rose's on Cheetham Hill Rd. If you couldn't offord a packet of cigerettes she'd sell you one for 2d. Anybody remember Sadie's chip shop on the corner of Elm & Herbert Street, a brisket sandwich and a gherkin Half a Crown, you could also get a good nosh at Cadens chip shop in Vernon Street. Happy days.

By Dave on 2017-08-16 18:11:00

My mother's family, (Goodman), came to the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester in the early 1900s from Poland, and lived in Elizabeth Street/ Julia Street areas before moving to Bignor Street (l think it was number 72 but not certain) at the bottom of Cheetham Hill Road. My uncle, my mother's brother, (Benny Goodman) went off to fight the facists in the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930s. He later returned and served in the 1939-45 War and after the War had a clothes shop on Cheetham Hill Road. I remember visiting this area of Manchester in the mid 1960s and occasionally drive through the area now but much changed.

By CHEETHAM HILL RD, 1950S on 2017-08-12 17:36:00

I can remember lots of the shops from the early 60s in Cheetham Hill when i was only 3 or 4 years old. My dad used to take me and my brothers into Lees butchers at the end of Back St Marks Lane(or Street). They always used to slice off a piece of vorsht for us kids to have. I can also remember cry clearly, Rosie Gottlieb who ran a sweet and wine shop on Cheetham Hill Rd, it was just up from the library and there was a stone step outside. She had red hair and always had a whitish foundation on her face. To this day, i still laugh remembering my late dad saying "she had a face like a floured bap"! Steven

By Glo McNeill on 2017-08-06 18:34:48

I went to Thomas St. Methodist from 1935 - 1939. There was a sweet shop opposite the school with a Ha'penny Tray or for the rich, a Penny Tray sweet selection. At the corner of Thomas Street and Cheetham Hill Road was Smith's Scottish Bakery,. I remember before Woolworth's was built, the site was a huge old Victorian mansion, and we kids played on the broken walls and in the 'haunted rooms'. there were also empty houses on George Street where we used to play.

By Anne Lawler on 2017-08-01 15:36:49

My goodness I'd forgotten about the miner bird, kept us happy while we waited for mum to be served! 1960's

By Derby Street Memories on 2017-07-31 10:52:21

I worked in the office of the Talmund Torah, on Bent Street, off Derby Street. All the synagogues were down there. There was a youth club called the Study Circle run by Dr. Zlotkis’ daughter Rose Zlotkis. Dr Zlotkis was head of Jewish Education and so was his son Judah Zlotkis. I got married in 1951. I remember Britstones shop near Derby Street too. Everyone was more friendly then as they lived new each other, and had no TV or phones. Nita Rappaport

By Goodmans Chippy, Brunswick Street on 2017-07-31 10:51:31

Goodmans Chippy, Brunswick Street, was run by my Grandparents, Annie and Wolfie Goodman. Everyone used to go in it, it was well known. My sister was born in 1954 and they still had it then. Karen Wingate

By CHEETHAM HILL, 1950s on 2017-07-01 18:43:08

Many people will remember the iconic Woolworths building in Cheetham Hill village and also Bata shoe shop, which was near it. There was also the Premiere Cinema and The Odeon further down towards Queens Rd, also known as the 'Rivera'. Terry

By Hutch on 2017-06-28 12:57:33

Hi. Are you the Estelle who was the friend of Jean Martin, I was a friend of her brother John.

By HIGHTOWN, 1950s on 2017-06-13 19:35:40

My mother and father lived in Hewitt Street, Hightown in the 1950s. They lived in Red Bank before that and in between they lived in Bellot Street( also Hightown), off Heywood Street. The grocers shop on Heywood St was called Stalberg's, (at no 80 Heywood st), it was always very busy. Sheila Harris (formerly Friedlander)

By CHEETHAM HILL AND HIGHTOWN, EARLY 1950s and 60s on 2017-06-01 13:40:45

When I started work at Timpsons (shoe shop) on Cheetham Hill Rd I got £1.75 a week. I was 15 years old, you could buy a blouse for 2/11. They closed on Wednesday afternoons. We worked all day Saturday. I only worked there a couple of years and then I got a job in mail order after that which I loved. Everyone got on in the area, it was mostly Jewish. They later changed the name of my street, Chestnut Street, to Citroen Street when we lived in it(in the 1960s) Estelle

By PEA SOUP FOG, CHEETHAM HILL, 1940s on 2017-06-01 13:29:32

I lived on Chestnut Street, next to Bignor Street, Hightown (near Cheetham Hill). I remember The Odeon Cinema, The Temple, The Premiere and The Shakespeare. We went on a Saturday morning. One night my mum had taken me to The Temple Cinema and when it ended you couldn't see your hand in front of you in the evening. The film finished about 10.30pm and we got home at 11.20pm (normally a ten minute walk). When we came out it was at Bellot Street Park (near Bignor Street). My brother had come out looking for us. Estelle Szablinskyj

By Waterloo Rd on 2017-05-12 00:29:43

I used to live in Cheetham Hill many years back and I'm interested in finding out about the history of Waterloo Rd Cricket ground and what was there before it if anyone remembers? Some one told me there it used to be a graveyard but I've never been able to confirm it.

By Norma Harris on 2017-05-09 13:16:36

My mother was a raincoat machinist who worked in camp street. Remember visiting the factory. She did piece work which meant she was only paid for the raincoats she made. My grandfather lived in Mary Street Strangeways in a back to back. My Bobby had 11 children and never spoke any English only Yiddish. Memories of going to Uncle Morris factory in Hightown. Made plastic raincoats.We used to go to the cinema in Cheetham Hill , the Premier and also every Saturday we went to the Temple cinema to meet boys.

By Barry Davidson on 2017-05-07 19:38:36

I was interested in reading your comments about Tobias the Bakers on Bignor St. My uncle Jack was married to Lily Tobias one of Abe Tobias daughters. He owned greyhounds and raced them at the Manchester dog tracks. As he had limited movement and was a large man my mother used to accompany him to the tracks to place his bets! Happy days! Barry Davidson

By RED BANK on 2017-05-06 17:10:02

Lord street went from Red Bank to Strangeways Prison. My father was born in the area. My great grandfather Abraham also lived there, he had a horse and cart and sold fruit and veg. He also did house clearances in the 40s and 50s. Eddie

By Lynn Cullinan Griffi on 2017-05-01 12:09:33

Lived I Hightown from being a baby, my first job leaving school was Boots the Chemist on Waterloo Rd . I was paid £3. 10 shillings per week, and what I did with that money, you wouldn't believe !!. After paying my "Keep", I had the grand sum of £1,10 shillings and still managed to save !!. My nana lived on Peter St and worked at the Butchers on Garnett St, my Grandad worked for Serettis ice cream and my mum worked for Eva Weston, who had the clothes shop next to the Butchers where Nana worked . I remember the wet fish shop at the bottom end of Garbett St, where we used to try and smuggle a piece of ice off the stall to suck on, even though it smelt and tasted of fish . So many beautiful memories , I'm so grateful we were young then ❤️

By CHEETHAM HILL RD, 1950s on 2017-04-30 11:30:58

Hempling shop was situated at 303 Cheetham Hill Road, it was a drapery shop. My uncle Ralph Levene had it, I lived in Huxley Avenue near the Temple Cinema in the 40s and 50s. We lived behind the shop in the 40s. My dad, Rueben Hempling owned it then. I also rememeber Feingolds shop on Cheetham Hill Rd. Adele Bergman

By Linda Eastham on 2017-04-24 18:22:46

Yes, I remember the talking bird. There were lots of nice shops along Great Cheetham Street East. I went to St Andrews RC High school on Tetlow Lane - It would be great to hear from any ex students!

By Lynn Eastham on 2017-04-24 16:56:32

Hi I lived in Charlotte Street and remember Jack Olivers, the green grocers Dolly Taylors the Off Licence. Everybody went to Sorettis it was the best ice cream around. My brother James was in the Scouts off St James Road. Would love to hear from anyone else who lived in Charlotte Street

By jackie harrison on 2017-04-19 09:37:37

I worked next door to the record shop in Cheetham Hill it was a gown shop called Rae's of Chester in the 80's.and some years later at Wise Chemist near Woolworths. JackieHarrison.

By bill thomason on 2017-04-18 10:34:03

Hi, I remember the co-op well (with affection). My Mum`s favourite branches were on Great Cheetham Street, somewhere opposite the County cinema & Wellington Street, near Saint John`s church, her "Divi" number was 19436, that number must have meant something to me, it has been in my head from being a child, to now being 70. The Co-op building on Wellington Street is still there, with its corner tower, check it out...a lovely building, with the surrounding houses having matching brickwork! Bill.

By THE CO-OP on 2017-04-17 12:10:13

My mother used to send me shopping (it included 1Ib of biscuits). On the way home I used to try samples of them just to make sure they were any good (my mother didn't mind). You had to give your dividend number. The butter was prepared and served in slabs using old scales and blue bags. Everything was weighed out. The cheese was weighed out in blocks. Jackie Harrison

By HIGHTOWN, 1960s on 2017-04-17 11:59:50

Hightown was demolished from the mid 60s to late 60s. Alot of people went to Hulme and some to Hillock in Whitefield. They started a synagogue in Hulme and Hillock. Eddie


I remember working the indoor market when I was 16. I remember Fine Fayre Supermarket, Shoppers Paradise, Black Forest Cafe, The Laughing Lentil, Pandoras Box, George Glass and Lindy Lou's. Donna

By Pam Fearn on 2017-03-31 15:51:43

I went to Thomas Street school l think 1952 would have been my starting year, (my parents had the off licence on the corner of St Marks Lane and Coke Street). I really loved the school and got along well with my studies, my parents were persuaded when I was eight to send me to a small private school called Cheetham Collegete off Waterloo Road. I'm not sure what prompted the move and I don't think my parents appreciated how good Thomas Street school was, my new school was a disaster for me where I was teased for my strong accent etc and the school teaching methods did not work for me. Also my poor Dad must have struggled to pay the fees thinking he was doing his best for me. I have great memories of Thomas Street School and wish I had some photographs of the school. Pam Fearn

By MEMORIES OF BARROW HILL? on 2017-03-29 21:51:55

Does anybody remember the prefabs on Barrow Hill Rd Cheetham in the late 1940s/early 50s?

By HIGHTOWN MEMORIES on 2017-03-23 18:13:40

I lived on Hewitt Street in Hightown. Other streets in the area were Maple street, Chestnut Street, Lime Street, Sycamore Street, Birch Street, Larch Street etc.The ice cream shop there was called Sorettis and the ice cream had proper ice in it then, it was proper ice cream, it wasn't fatty like it is now. Sandra Silver

By CHEETHAM HILL MEMORIES on 2017-03-23 18:08:14

Mackey Davies was a very well known barber in the Cheetham Hill area and everyone went there. He was a former boxer and was also a friend of my dads. Jackie Harrison

By HALIWELL LANE, CHEETHAM HILL on 2017-03-13 16:07:15

There was a wash house on Halliwell Lane, Cheetham Hill. We lived also lived on Haliwell Lane and then moved to Peru Street and then to Queen Street. I remember Bert's Shop, it was a corner shop and it sold everything. Paulette Holness

By Pam on 2017-03-07 20:06:35

Our family had the off-licence on the corner of Coke Street and St Marks Lane, we left in 1958 and moved to Shirley Road. I have many happy memories of growing up there and playing out, there was a real community feel in the area.

By WATERLOO ROAD on 2017-03-07 13:06:19

I remember a sweet shop on Waterloo Rd called Leventon's, they sold jars of sweets. It was opposite Boots the chemist. I also remember Tobias the bakers on Waterloo Rd, where they sold chopped herring and liver. Sheila Harris

By Steve McDougall on 2017-03-06 11:40:19

I was born on Coke Street in 1953 , although where we lived was down an ally way so our postal address was Back Coke Street . We got moved out to Kersal flats about 1960 .

By COKE STREET, CHEETHAM HILL, 1950s on 2017-03-05 11:59:13

There was a shop called The Meadow in Coke Street that delivered milk. The owner had a stable there, he had regular orders, he'd dip the ladle in the churn and he left a white enamel milk jug ( or a pot one), which was left on the step-he came door to door early in the mornings. People left the milk money under the jug early in the mornings. It was a hotch potch of houses on Coke Street. Jean Edwards

By HIGHTOWN, 1950s on 2017-02-23 11:46:11

I used to walk down to The Maypole Shop and buy a bag of broken biscuits for a shilling and walk back through the entry and eat the chocolate ones when I lived on Vernon Street, High Town. The Maypole Shops were very popular then. Eddie

By HIGHTOWN, 1950s on 2017-02-23 11:40:19

I remember Simkins fish and fruit shop at 23 Garnett St. I also remember two sisters who had a shop on Garnett Street called Brodkins shop, where I bought fireworks like penny bangers, pin wheels and rip-raps. Eddie

By COHEN AND WILKS on 2017-02-22 16:29:18

My grandmother worked there all her working life as a mackintosh machinist. Christina Williamson. Wonder if your dad knew her :) Jude

By Joseph (Joe) Dawson on 2017-02-13 18:16:22

Hello. Yes, I remember Vernon Street Hightown just off Waterloo Road. My mum had a grocers shop (Dawson's) next to a taxi company with a fleet of big black old fashioned Austin saloons on one side (Douggies I seem to remember) and Morris the barber on the other mum also had a greengrocers shop at the other end of the street near to where it joined up (passed the croft) with Douglas Street. Opposite was a Jewish chippy, Mr Tray the cobbler and a shop selling live maggots to the fishing community... My girl friend at the time was a Miss Beryl Myrtle who I lost touch with. More anon

By Shakespeare Market, Cheetham Hill on 2017-02-08 21:38:31

The Shakespeare Market was on Halliwell Lane, it had all different stalls, such as a butchers, and other stalls, selling second hand books etc. My wife's mother worked there. Eddie

By HIGH TOWN, 1950s on 2017-02-08 21:28:27

Morris The Barber had a shop in High Town, he was a real character in the area. I used to go there as a kid and When I went in the shop, there was often a large fellow in there called 'Knocker' West who used to hang around there. He had played for Manchester United and it was allegedly reported in the newspapers at the time, that he was banned from the game for match fixing. He later tried to prove his innocence but was never allowed to play again. He lived at the top of Vernon Street. Eddie Note: Enoch James "Knocker" West helped Manchester United win the 1911 league medal. He scored 80 goals in his Manchester United career, his most successful season being the 1911-12 season when he scored a total of 23 goals; 17 in the league and six in the FA Cup. In 1915, he was banned for life by the Football Association, along with three other United players and four Liverpool players after being found guilty of match fixing. West protested his innocence, but his ban was not lifted until 1945. His suspension, which lasted 30 years, was the longest in Football League history. As he was 59 by the time his ban was lifted, he was never involved in football again. West died in 1965, at the age of 79. Free The Manchester United One, written by Graham Sharpe, was a book written about Enoch West's attempts to clear his name in connection with the match-fixing scandal, many years after his death.

By Peter Glendinning on 2017-02-02 11:28:56

I lived in a flat at The Grove, Halliwell Lane, next to the Swanns greengrocers at the jcn of Tetlow Lane. The owner of the shop were my grandparents. I went first to St Marks before going to Thomas St school. I also went to St Marks church and the Church lads brigade. My high school was North Salford.

By Coke Street, Cheetham Hill on 2017-01-25 21:42:06

There were only a few houses in the area with a garden, and this street was one of them. There was a Pub on the corner called the Horseshoe. I played football with them now and again. It was a Robinson's Pub, the only one in the area. Chris Rowland

By Barry Davidson on 2017-01-21 14:16:05

I too remember playing in Mandley Park as a kid. I went to Cheetham Hill Methodist School better known as Thomas St school. It was a multi-racial school and I was one of a large number of Jewish children there in the early 50’s. I do not remember ever experiencing any anti-semitism at school even though there were fights over other stupid things. I lived in George St at the Junction with Coke St. The streets in those days looked enormously long but as I go back around there these days they now look tiny! I remember Lorenzini’s and Macky Davis the barbers. I used to deliver papers for the newsagents on King Edward Buildings. It enabled me to buy my first bike called Ace of Spades as my weekly wage paid the weekly payment on the bike. My dad paid the £1 deposit !

By John Rowlands on 2017-01-08 20:33:37

i remember Woolworths as i used to go in there at dinner times from school,as i used to go to St Marks Heath Street primary school.then i got a sat job there doing warehouse work.i also had a paper round right opposite Woolworths but i cant remember the name of the papershop.

By St Marks Lane, Cheetham Hill on 2016-11-17 19:23:09

Our family had an off licence opposite St Marks Church where I lived until I was 11 in 1958 when we moved to Shirley Road. I had a great childhood playing out at every opportunity. The Ennis girls were my friends, we often went to Cheetham Hill Baths, Manley and Brougton Park. Saturday morning cinema at the Shakespeare. Around St Marks Lane was a close community where we knew everyone, the area was mostly demolished along with our shop in the 1960's. I went to cheetham hill Methodist school on Thomas Street but have no photos of the school. Your site is very interesting and the photographs are great. I do have some family photographs taken outside our shop that show the street but am not sure if I can post them on your site. Regards Pam Worthington

By Mike, Billy the Mimer Bird on 2016-11-01 00:34:54

I remember Tom the Grocer on Great Cheetham Street - who I use to clean his shop and Bedford van for ten shillings a week. His wife Laura hated it when he gave the left over vegetables to me for my mother [we lived in Heaton Street] claiming she could still sell them the next day on top of the fresh stock. Tom had a miner bird named Billy who lived in the shop. He was the attraction of all the customers in them days - the bird - (1960s) but died when Tom's son repainted the inside of the shop but left the bird in the corner, possibly from the paint fumes. Tom died in 1979. He promised the old van to me ... but I never got it. Does anyone else remember Billy the miner bird? Does anyone have any photos of the old shop?

By Muriel Townsend on 2016-09-29 22:37:23

I used to live in Agusta street, Cheetham Hill, I went to Southall street school, nr Strangeways prison, the headmistress was a Miss Young, and I remember a teacher called miss Warburton I went from the age of about 3 until 8 years old, then I moved to wythenshawe. My godparents were Jewish and they lived in the shop called Marcus, I called my godmother little Joe and her husband big joe, although their real name was Sara Massing and Joseph Massing, her son Merton was my godfather. I owe a lot to that family, they cared for me and my mother, Sara was at my birth with my mother in Blackpool. As I got older I would run errands, light the fires, etc., she would take me up to Smithfield market every Saturday morning for the fish. Sara used to embroider the satin that was laid on the alter in the Cheetham Hill Road synagogue they were beautiful done, as I got older she would let me have a go at doing a flower on them. She let me borrow the beautiful 5 Books of Moses to take to school during our scripture lessons. Although she was Jewish she used to make me go to Sunday school every Sunday at Waterloo road church, she used to work at a factory making coats, think it was called Dani Mac on Waterloo road. When she has to go in the Jewish hospital one time our Minster went to the hospital to see her, there were some raised eyebrows. She had a wonderfull family and friends Who were very kind to my family. I remember going to the odeon on Saturday morning for sixpence and the premier and temple picture house. Also remember the school clinic on queens road I was a regular visitor there. I used to love the whit week walks, only time I got new clothes. I also remember the maypole dancing, one time my brother Alan dressed me up and took me down market street singing Molly dancers kicking up a row, I know he collected quite a bit of money, but I didn't see any !! I remember the PC Tripe shop at the bottom of Cheetham Hill Road nor the Victoria train station, and playing on the brew as we called it nr Boddingtons brewery, we also had another brewery near our street can't remember the name but I remember the big horses pulling the carts. Also going to Elizabeth park for the day, and passing the derby road skate rink, when they use to clear the ice out we would grab a piece and take it with us for a drink in the way (all those germs) didn't do us any harm though. I could go on and on with my memories but won't bore you, I have to mention the Knowsley pub that was my dads local, we used to sit outside on the wall at weekends and collect our pocket money of him, I used to have to go and shout him on Sunday to tell home dinner was ready.

By Cheetham Hill on 2016-09-25 12:48:20

I remember Tony Worthington who lived in Japan Street, Cheetham Hill in the 1950s. He learned to dance at Chilterns and later worked on the staff there. He also worked as a Policeman and at Horne Brothers, on Market Street, Manchester, a suit-makers. He was always well dressed. Bernard

By Cheetham Hill Shops, Swimming Baths and Cravenwood Road School on 2016-08-20 15:23:32

I remember Woolworths, the Wool Shop, Turners Shoe Shop, The Record Shop, Cheetham Hill Baths and the Supermarket. I also remember the Whit Walks as my Mam used to take me - I wore white shoes and a white frock. I went to Cravenwood Road Primary School, Cheetham Hill. My teacher was a beautiful Indian lady. She was the first Indian lady I'd ever seen - she was tall and beautiful and she wore a Sari. Jane Butterworth

By Browns Butchers, 412 Cheetham Hill Road on 2016-08-20 14:33:58

My Father had a butchers at 412 Cheetham Hill Road, called Browns Butchers. We lived above the shop for 15 years until 1963, when the growth of supermarkets put my father out of business. It was near Coombs and W. Meedons Decorators shops (near the corner of Woodlands Road). Peter Brown

By Memories of Cheetham Hill on 2016-08-14 11:02:01

I went to Temple School, Cheetham Hill from 1963-67, it was a multi faith school. At that time there were 24 different nationalities represented at the school. The school was very disciplined. I also remember the Ice Palace on Derby Street, we practiced in a band there, as my mate worked there in the 1970s. I remember my mam used to go on the Whit Walks and she used to buy clothes for it. Tony Myers

By ICE CREAM VANS, CHEETHAM HILL on 2016-07-30 15:10:48

I remember Noonans Ice Cream, I remember the shape of the vans, it had an Edwardian guilded style decoration. The ice-creams were known by how much they cost - I used to get a 'threepenny one' I still remember the tune as he came up the road. Blanche

By Lorenzinis, Cohen and Wilks on 2016-07-30 12:40:28

Marjorie Bowker, from Newton Le Willows, shared her memories of being a child in Cheetham Hill, when she visited our exhibition; "We used to go to Lorenzinis every Sunday after church at St. Mathews. I always used to order Vimto. My Dad worked as a forman cutter at a mac factory, Cohen and Wilks, on Derby Street. He got a promotion as a Factory Manager in Newton Le Willows after that, so we moved away".

By Leicester Road on 2016-07-23 15:53:35

I went to St Andrew's on Leicester road, have great memories of the Jewish community of the area. Playing in Manley park.

By The Four Pennies at Alan Powels Barber Shop on 2016-07-23 14:12:10

Gerry Stone, visiting the Salford Museum and Art Gallery, told us about the barber shop photograph. "That's my brother! Alan Goldstone. And these were the Four Pennies (wearing gowns). They did very well at the time. They did 'Juliet' and 'Until Its Time For You To Go'. This was at a famous barbers called Alan Powels, on Amber Street, off Shude Hill, who had lots of famous footballers as clients. Alan Lewis (third on the right at the back) was their manager. He was also a car dealer and later became an MP in Yorkshire. The one of the far right was Danny Brown, he was a trainee."

By Gail on 2016-07-23 13:12:15

Hi Barrie, thanks so much for all that information, we'll add it to the records. I wonder what happened to the hair Salon in Australia and if its still going? Very best wishes, Gail

By Memories of Cheetham Hill on 2016-07-08 20:41:32

Brilliant site which brought back fond memories of happy times in Cheetham during the 40s and 50s. I hope the following will be of help to you in your project. Page 16 PMC08041 St. Albans Cheetwood Rose Queen Crowning. Rectory Gardens Waterloo Road Father Harold Wright presiding. Page 17 as above. PMC 1800 St Albans Annual Patronal Festival Walk of witness. Father Wright and servers leaving Parish Hall on Barrow Hill Road to Walk the Parish boundaries as follows onto Waterloo Road,Marlborough Road, St.James Road,Great Cheetham Street East, Bury New Road, Waterloo Road and back to Church. PMC 18010 St. Albans Church Choir with Organist/Choirmaster Mr. Haslam. PMF04001 TO PMF04022 Childrens Xmas Party for families of Prison Officers serving at HMP Manchester Strangeways held in the Prison Officers Social Club on Southall Street Cheetham. PMG 14019 Looking down Waterloo Road from Cheetham Hill Road. Extreme right Cheetham Cricket Club Ground. PMH 14046 Ford Zephyr Car parked on Halliwell Lane. PMI 07036 Alderman Abraham Moss, Chairman Manchester Education Committee, opening the new King Davids High School off Cheetham Hill Road, following the closure of the Jewish Secondary School on Waterloo Road, Cheetham. POML 02109 Corner of Waterloo Road and Bury New Road. Shop on left, "Issy Wise the Barber" a much respected and well liked character in the area. I believe his son,David, emigrated to New York and established a very successful Hair Salon. POML 03126 Left is GPO Telecommunications Tower and to the right Manchester Police Radio Mast and extreme right the former Manchester Parks Police Radio Mast. POML 06606A Looking across the Irk River Valley from Queens Road to Collyhurst.

By Woolworths, Cheetham Hill on 2016-06-22 11:45:39

I remember Woolworths on Cheetham Hill really well. It was still really popular in the early 1980s. I used to go in to buy records. The whole of Cheetham Hill Road was full of independent shops. We used to go from Higher Broughton - it was our main shopping street. Lawrence Cassidy