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By William Smith on 2024-04-05 16:03:25

I can remember the cartloads of this new fuel, Called coke that I dragged home to Oxford street when we had used all our coal Ration. I had many school friends who lived in Robinson,Roy,and Ayre streets. Will Smith Oxford Street

By Kate castree. (parr) on 2023-10-12 12:52:28

t to a new rc sec school St Andrews Tetlow lane from. its opening 1962 to 1966. Sadly closed late 70s,,A large school, with Mr F Lundy as head. would love to find a copy of a term report. please it 1 sheet with each subject on the left column and just a comment by the teacher along side?? i would love to know..

By Margie lindley on 2023-02-26 20:02:19

I want to find the 5 houses inside the ship canal in 1945 Salford,I believe the Aubrey st sign is still there, I use to go through the big main gates to get to my house at Trafford rd 71 hulton st inside the docks my dad was an engine driver.

By sheila kayes on 2022-06-13 21:56:49

does anyone remember my grandparents the lived in choir st brought from 1912 until the late 50s rose and isak addis evything was demolished round their but we all still have momories who remembers

By SUE FARR on 2022-04-24 01:36:10

my anty joan and uncle braon my cosion andrew anison lived in hill street and street off there as well number 7 i wonder if anyone got some photos of them street 1960s and 1970s to show us.

By Maureen Lock on 2020-11-18 13:17:37

Hello, I looked through 56 pages of photos but couldn’t see one of ‘Oakhill’, Mandley Park, Higher Bro...., Salford, Manchester, where my mother was put up for adoption on 3 June 1938. Just wondering if you might know of any photos from the home. Thank you Maureen

By Steven on 2020-07-16 15:54:51

I've recently been researching my family history and would like to know if anyone remembers the Bentham family who lived on Bristol Street, Broughton in the 1940's/50's. Specifically Lilian Bentham who worked as a shop assistant. She had a young daughter who sadly died after being struck by a lorry on Leicester Road in 1950.

By Joanne kingsland on 2020-01-28 01:42:30

Id like to know more about my Jewish heritage. My Grt Grandfathers family sold poultry and lived in Salford. The family name was Firestone and my Grt Grandfather was Micel or Michael. He married a welsh lady named Jessie and they had 2 children Bessie (my grandmother) and Merton

By J conway on 2019-09-26 10:27:34

Some of these pictures are of St Lawrence school not Hope Hall. They are duplicated on the St Lawrence section

By Paul Griffin on 2019-01-22 09:11:30

I was brought up in Havelock St, Lower Broughton. Round the corner was the police box and the Dry Cleaners, with Timothy White's Chemist over the road, near Sussex St. Havelock St used to come off Hough Lane (which met Lower Broughton Road at one end, and Peel Park, at the other end), and the next streets up were Clyde St (where they had a corner shop, and an off license), and Raglan Street. Right at the top was Peel Park, where I played all my football, with my best mates, Frank Seenan & Steve Pope. I remember the fire at the waxworks (near the park) and the wax coming all the way down to the dry cleaners, which used to be next to Bob's the Barber's on Lower Broughton Road. I remember going to St. Boniface's school (where there was also a police box), on Frederick Road (the other end, right at the top, was the college/uni). I remember breaking Robert Leakey's leg in a fight, and being brought up in front of the class by the headmaster, Mr. Delaney. Hope you're OK Robert. I also remember sending Sheila Lengden, a love letter when I was about 10, and starting to play with her brother John, who was 2 years younger, so I could go to her house, and see her. She used to pal around with Anne-Marie McGladery. We played St. Thomas's in the Rounders final, and they beat us 1-0 (incredibly low score for a rounders match). Eventually my mates went to St. Albert's secondary (Paul Heatley, John Gilligan, Mike McLaughlin etc who had trials for United). Because I passed my 11+ I had to go to St. Peter's grammar on Bury New (or was it old) Road. I've lived in Blackpool since I was 15 years old, but nothing will ever take away those memories, from the great, great people of Salford, of who I am very proud, even though it was voted the worst slums in the UK, when I left in 1970.

By Robert perrin on 2018-11-13 14:46:48

Anybody remember Granyte surface coatings plc in Salford? My dad worked there 1978 to 1987 as a driver spent a lot of time in the Vav pub run by Dot and Austin, great times. Sadly Granyte has gone and is parking now for Salford van hire the Vav pub has been demolished and a lot of people have since passed, good times of my childhood can’t be demolished or forgotten.

By Heather Lloyd on 2018-08-12 12:55:28

LOWER KERSAL I lived on Mackenzie Road, Lower Kersal and grew up there in the 1960s. There were 4 corner shops - Mrs Kelly's for groceries and sweets I think, Mrs Hope's for sweets, Mrs Ashton's where I was sent for 2 pints of Jersey milk and bacon cut on No.8 setting, and Mr and Mrs Fildes's who sold fish and greengrocery. They always had a black cat. The social club was at the top of the street. There was also a garage there where I was sent to buy batteries, etc. The lady had blonde hair and glasses - can't remember her name. The Racecourse Hotel was across Littleton Road. There were allotments there, too - my parents had one. Opposite the pub were Chadwick's newsagents (this had lots of choice for sweets and the penny tray), Mrs Porter at the drapers - she had a black poodle called Pierre who used to bark when you went in, the hairdresser's where my mum used to go (Beryl?), Mr Goldstone the Chemist. Further down Littleton Road round the corner from St Philips' Church were the chippy, Mrs Lancashire at the off licence, O'Brien's greengrocers, Mr and Mrs Mills at the butcher's and another newsagents at the end of the row. Opposite was H Bescoby's and a dry cleaners I think. I remember the playing fields on Littleton Road and the red path which ran along the side of the fields. Noonan's had a wool shop further down towards Cromwell school. Mrs Noonan had the shop and her husband had the ice cream van. I used to take cups and bowls to him for ice cream so we could have ice cream floats with lemonade. Used to have twist cornets as well which were delicious! The mineral man also used to call round with pop, and I used to take bottles back to Ashton's to get money back off them! LOWER BROUGHTON I remember Poet's Corner, the Pet Shop, Wheater's Crescent, and Egan's Greengrocers (mentioned in someone else's post). There was also a cake shop where I used to get mini Hovis, and sponge cakes with cream in them and icing on top. There was a wallpaper shop and an ironmongers. I think a married couple ran the wallpaper shop and the owners of the ironmongers were related to them but not sure. There was the Vic Theatre at Broughton Bridge where I would be taken to pantos, etc. There was also the ball bearing works just after Broughton Bridge on the left and Blackfriars Baths on the right further down. Great memories, Heather Lloyd

By Kenneth Barnes on 2018-07-22 18:19:56

Langy rd spring gardens nansen st

By Steve Oliver on 2018-03-28 23:42:07

I lived in Zebra Street, off Marlborough Road - the Duke of York pub, Roses the corner shop, Macs the milk bar, Shells the toffee shop, Ravenscroft the butcher, Krebs the chemist, Sydney Lucas the grocers, the cobblers, Oliver's the greengrocer, the Lifeboys corner of Dudley Street, the Mission on Wetherall Street, Griffins the chicken shop, Ivor's the barbershop - he used to give you a penny after he cut your hair so you came back so he could make a mess of it next time. Steve Oliver

By Valerie Chapman on 2018-03-16 11:26:12

As a child, I lived in Tetlow Lane, Salford 7 and attended Cheetham Hill Methodist School in Thomas Street and Broughton High in Bury New Road. I remember buying wellies from Bata on a snowy morning. My mum owned a shop selling baby clothes on the corner of Halliwell Lane and Heath Street. I also remember seeing films at the Shakespeare (or Shakey as we called it).

By Fred Fielder on 2018-03-08 14:40:19

My memories are of where I grew up in the 1950s. Playing in St Thomas of Canterbury boys' band, Higher Broughton. Joining the Army Cadet Force in 1963 at Clowes Street Barracks, 252 Field Battery Royal Artillery. The Rialto cinema, The County, The Tower, The Davenshire, Higher Broughton Assembly Rooms, Whisky Agogo, The Whit Walks, bonfire wood collecting and making dens!!

By craig on 2017-11-29 17:09:51

I also remember Pooles chippy, they had a chow dog. We used to take a big dish up to the shop on a Friday to put the puddings in. We lived on Welbeck Grove.

By michael walker on 2017-10-18 16:00:58

I lived on Duncan street and remember the weddings at the synagogue during the1950s . We lived opposite the synagogue and in a large rundown house owned by my grandfather Sam Goodwin.the house was big and the extended family amounted to twelve people three dogs two cats a horse chickens and a loft of racing pigeons.

By LANGWORTHY ROAD SCHOOL, SALFORD on 2017-09-18 13:29:41

I lived on Edmund Street, near Langworthy Road in the 1940s. During The Blitz, bombs blew out all the windows from Langworthy Road School and the surrounding houses. One bomb landed on Lower Seedley Road, where there are garages now, and a person was killed in the house. I was six at the time. Gordon Wilson, Salford

By Peter Sewell on 2017-08-13 18:05:53

Yes I remember it well I have a photo of the papermakers and a few of the coronation party in Conway St , with all the kids Dave & John Moron , Phil Barrett , Henry Dear , Tony & Frances Mottram , also one taken from Duncombe St showing Fenny St , and the top of Conway St , and one taken from the top of Conway St showing the garages at the bottom , I have one of your sisters wedding with your family on it and a few of mine . If you would like copies I could e-mail them to you

By Gail on 2017-07-31 13:02:56

Thanks so much for your link to your book - what an amazing record for your family to have! Gail

By Pam Johnston Yates on 2017-07-30 14:42:11

Do you remember the Smith family from Marlborough Road. They lived there for years. Margaret, Sadie, Joan, Harry and Alf?

By Pam Johnston Yates on 2017-07-30 14:35:59

Does anyone remember jumping down the long steps outside the Papermakers in Higher Broughton and swinging on the metal bar around the side. We would bet who could jump down the most sets of steps. Wonder we didn't break our necks or at least our legs.

By Wayne Smith on 2017-07-30 11:43:09

I have moved too many times in my life to say that I 'belong' anywhere but I was born in Salford, and my earliest memories are from there. The streets were cobbled, and in the summer, all the radios in our street were tuned to the same radio station. As I walked to the toffee shop on Garnet street, I would hear 'Shrimp Boats are a Coming, There's Dancing Tonight' coming out of every hall and window. I remember lots of people in uniforms, and a community spirit that seems to be gone. And a world without drugs. Please look at my book on my website. It is best on a large screen, impossible on a mobile phone.

By kath beckett on 2017-06-16 10:11:16

Linda Eastham...My Dad died at the opening of Gt. Clowes street warehouse...August 5th 1970. He was with my sister who was seven at the time. There is a book in Waterstones with the picture in it. Also I saw it on the internet...I went to St. Andrews..Tetlow lane...left in name was Kathleen Beckett...

By CROSS LANE MARKET, SALFORD on 2017-06-09 17:28:43

I remember the smell of Cross Lane Market, the fruit and fish. I remember the cafe for the bus men upstairs and people could go in downstairs. The 71 or 70 bus route went past it. Paul

By Faradeeba Butt on 2017-06-01 18:40:09

I lived on Tenerife Street and used to be sent to the fruit shop in Bramely Street. There used to be a poultry supply shop on the corner of Tenerife St at The Bury New Road end. My father was the second Asian to open a continental food store on Waterloo Road. I attended Cheetham Primary School in the mid 60s till 1970.

By john catterall on 2017-05-16 13:31:43

as a proud Whit Laner l applaud this site and will be back to edit my memories and enjoy the site

By Linda Eastham on 2017-04-24 18:26:24

Re: Great Clowes Street Warehouse - I was there when Ken Dodd did the official opening of the store. I am sorry that we did not take any photos.

By bill thomason on 2017-04-11 16:30:00

Hi, again. As a child I lived at Great Clowes St; Higher Broughton, next to Duncan St; and I have fond memories of all the "posh" cars (Austin "Princess", Rolls Royce, Bentley) that were parked in Duncan St whenever there was a Jewish wedding at the Synagogue. During the 50s, when I was aged about 6-7, this was SO unbelievably exciting because there were hardly any cars in the area. So, when there was a wedding, the whole of Duncan St; was filled......a true spectacle in its day! (anybody got a photo of the Synagogue ?) Thanks for your time.


I remember two girls called the Baron twins, we were friends with them. Eva Simons, my Mother, moved to Trafalgar Street around 1945 to 1946. I later remembered the Franks family who used to deliver Tizer and orange juice to our street, and someone who delivered fish called Abe Fischer. Harvey Goldstein

By LOWER BROUGHTON, 1950s on 2017-04-02 12:10:58

The first TV in the street was bought by my Mother in 1953 and the whole street queued up to see it. Graham Kraft


I lived in Marlborough Road in the 1950s and 60s. I remember Klapish Newsagents and Levy's Butchers on St. James Road. My parents lived on Hewitt Street, Hightown, Shiela Harris (Freelander)

By MEMORIES OF SALFORD IN THE 1950s AND 60s. on 2017-04-02 12:02:38

My Mother had a fruit shop on the corner of Melbourne Street and Bramley Street from the 1920s (with my two Uncles Isaac and David Cohen). They had the shop until the mid 1960s. Years later they worked Cross Lane and Bury Markets. My Mother used to serve the wrestler Giant Haystacks. Harvey Goldstein

By REGENT ROAD, SALFORD on 2017-03-13 16:12:26

When the ships came in the sailors from South Africa came into my shop on Regent Road and bought shopping trolleys, ironing boards, coffee table etc., which they took back on the boat with them to South Africa, the West Indies and so on. They also bought scatter cushions and washing powder. Eddie

By LOWER BROUGHTON, SALFORD on 2016-10-10 10:19:23

My aunty had a shop called Pearl's. It sold hardware, heavy duty brushes, boot polish and bric-a-brac. It was on Lower Broughton Road, Salford. Maria Howell

By LOWER BROUGHTON, SALFORD on 2016-10-10 10:14:00

I remember Great Clowes Street Warehouse and Geoff and Steve's hairdressers. My brother Noel used to take the towels from Geoff and Steve's to the wash house. I also remember a shop called Wanderley's near there. Joe O'Malley.

By ROBERTSON STREET, SALFORD on 2016-10-04 09:38:04

The street was off Eccles New Rd, Salford, near Stowell's School. My father sometimes played the mouth organ at the front door. We had bonfires in the street and the next morning you used to kick every bonfire to see if was still lit. We also had maypoles, which we danced around as children, they were hand made. We also had a rose queen, which were part of the whit walks, part of the big parade. Jean Coward

By LOWER BROUGHTON ROAD, SALFORD on 2016-10-04 09:17:30

I remember Egan's Fruit and Veg shop on Lower Broughton Rd, I remember the old couple who ran it. My mother came down from Higher Broughton to shop at Mceverley's Fruit and Veg. She said Lower Broughton was a poorer neighbourhood, so things would be cheaper. I also remember Mandy's Clothes Shop, The Welsh Stores (they sold babies clothes) and Westons ( they sold jeans and things). Also the chemists and Clarke's shoes. Maria Brabiner

By Cross Lane, Salford on 2016-09-29 11:21:05

Exciting, that's all I can say. There were two big houses. One was a pottery warehouse and one was Luchetti's Ice Cream. I remember all the shops and all the pubs on Cross Lane, there were that many pubs. I can remember the Herbalists where you could get a hot Vimto and they had little brown tables. If it was cold you could go in there. It was just wonderful really, the market and I had lots of friends around that area. Barbara Kemp

By Kentons Butchers and Abe Sachs shop on 2016-08-20 13:20:07

My mam used to shop on Lower Broughton Road at Kentons Butchers. It was in the supermarket was called C and C and then it became Kwik Save. I went to primary school at the old St. Bonifaces. There was a shop there called Abe Sachs who made suits for the Manchester United footballers. There was a blue Police Box facing the Prince of Wales on the St. Bonifaces side. Bridget Cross Curry

By Grubersik's Newsagent on 2016-08-20 12:39:02

I remember Grubersik's Newsagents near Hope Hospital (Eccles Old Road). It was near our school, Hope High School. Everyone knew the family in the area; there were four sons, all Manchester United fans. The Dad was a Bolton Wanderers fan. I enjoyed playing Rugby at school, they sometimes brought one of the professional players from Salford Rugby Club to advise us, as the Club was near the school. Christopher Stubbs

By Ice Cream Van, by Judith on 2016-08-06 14:49:47

Every Sunday it was really a treat, when the ice cream van visited our street. We would q up in a line for a double treat of raspberry ripple lollies and ice cream tubs. With 99 chocolate flakes if we were very good, with sometimes wafers wrapped in baking paper bags which made our Sundays extra special and glad. Sometimes we were lucky we would see an ice cream van at Cross Lane, Salford and Eccles Market in the days of the week. It was not just Summer but Winter days when ice cream lollies were a delicacy when our Mum brought us a treat from the ice cream van. These days its all shops and supermarkets galore and Sundays don't seem the same without the ice cream van anymore.

By Pooles Chippy, Higher Broughton on 2016-07-30 14:26:09

I remember Pooles Chippy on Leicester Road, owned by Tommy Poole. When you got chips with your parents, he used to wrap one in newspaper for the kids. Ian Casement