About the Churches and Religious Category

This section contains one of the areas most famous processions, the Whit Walks, which 1000’s of people from Church of England congregations attended every year. Crowds gathered along the streets to watch the procession of participants wearing processional dress and carrying decorated statues. Many of the images here indicate which Church groups the procession was joined by.

Whit Walks, Cheetham Hill Road

The processions traditionally came from many Manchester districts, finally assembling in Albert Square on Whit Sunday. Today, although a much smaller parade, the event still takes place in the city centre.

If you have any memories of any places or photographs shown, please send them to us and contribute to our memory book to help us identify the photographs.
This category also contains many images of interior and the exterior of local churches, including St. Thomas’ and Trinity. Many of the interiors are not known, and we think they can be identified by their distinctive features. Please have a look through the section to help us identify some of the church interiors by commenting on the Memory Book linked to the record.

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