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The 1950s and 60s were a time of huge investment in education with many high schools being built in this period as part of an expanding welfare state. The post-war baby boom and the raising of the school leaving age to 15 also created a huge demand for new school places.

Clarendon Secondary Modern School, Domestic Science class

These photographs give an intriguing insight into the experience of students and staff working in a new building. Some classes were gender divided; boys studied Metalwork and Woodwork, and girls studied Domestic Science. They learned skills focussed on the home, including learning how to cook, how to set tables, sewing and ironing.

If you have any memories of being at one of the schools in the collection, please send them to us and contribute to our memory book to help us tell a story with the photographs.

Many of the schools featured in this collection have since been demolished, including Ordsall High, Broughton and Clarendon Secondary Modern.

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