Broughton High School (formerly), later Kersal High School

Salford Girls High School science class showing microscopes. Formerly Broughton High School later Kersal High School

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Jan. 1964
b/w glass plate negative, med, 121 x 154 (4 3/4 x 6.5)
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Original Box Notation
Salford Girls High School Dups Jan 1964.

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  • Anne J Brierley
    30th June 2022 | Permalink | Reply to this comment

    Comment Category: Schools

    I used to be a pupil at Broughton High School for Girls which became Kersal High School a year later. I started in 1972 and left in 1977 and would love to see some pictures in colour of the school, pupils and teachers at that time, if any exist. I still have a little booklet somewhere in my possessions of a school play that was performed in the 1970s which I think was the Wizard of Oz. It has some black and white photos of pupils of the day who performed in it. I’d love to know what became of my old friends and classmates Susan Gilluley, Karen Patchett, Suzanne Etheridge, Janet Pover amongst others and teachers such as Mrs Ellis (Needlework), Mr Wormleighton (History), Mrs Rogers (French)(left in 1972), Mr Jones (Religious Education) (retired in 1972), Mrs Sheldon (Maths) (retired in early 70s), Mrs Greene (Music), Miss Julie Cavalier (PE) etc. The Head Mistress’ name was Mrs Lawrence, I think, but she left in 1972 and was replaced by a man who’s name I can’t recall when the school went comprehensive in 1973. Hope to hear from you soon. Anne J Brierley (

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